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The first Queen Creek hotel is under construction, while new companies have announced plans to open in the city or expand into surrounding communities by opening stores here.

The Queen Creek Hotel, the first of its kind in Arizona, will open in July 2016, according to the hotel's website.

The belief system is located on the second floor of the Queen Creek Hotel, in the parking lot behind the hotel. $2,000 per person and per pet up to $5, according to the hotel's website.

The convenient location allows guests to access restaurants and shopping facilities and supports the goal of creating a walkable downtown. The proximity to Phoenix - Mesa Gateway Airport will also bring new visitors to Queen Creek as a local overnight stay.

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With just over 100 rooms, the Hampton Inn will serve as a major economic engine for the community and host events such as the annual Minnesota State Fair.

The bed tax will diversify the city's tax base and is expected to stimulate additional business activity in the city centre. The strong population growth in Queen Creek, which includes a mix of young adults and seniors, as well as a strong business environment, has helped to drive demand, "said John D'Agostino, President and CEO of King of the Hill Hotel Group.

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More About Queen Creek