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As the country's most enduring musical resource, we offer a comprehensive music shopping experience that includes a wide range of music and entertainment options for all ages and musical tastes. Queen Creek also offers programs that meet the needs of every student in the district. We support standards for learning and offer the opportunity to build a strong learning foundation early on and to support students in their musical development.

Our mission is to serve people of all ages and walks of life, and we maximize learning by empowering the community and its members to work with us to create a safe learning environment for all students. Whether you want to learn how to write a country hit like Waylon or if you are interested in music and clarinet, our phenomenal team of instructors is at your side. We adapt the lessons to your age and interest and maximise your learning by enabling you to succeed by planning what you achieve through music. You are welcome, we are here for you and help you to be successful in planning what you want to achieve with your music!

The Queen Creek Unified School District supports the development of the entire child by modeling positive academic, social and emotional learning through an innovative and challenging curriculum. This broad and comprehensive curriculum is consistent with the standards of academic excellence set by the Arizona Department of Education. We expect our students to learn successfully, compassionately and productively so that the next generation of ethical citizens can lead our community locally and globally.

The store is located in Tumbleweed Park on Chandler Paseo Trail and is just a short walk from the Queen Creek High School campus. We invite you to enjoy nature while shopping and listen to live music from our stars. Thirty thousand students attend ABODA events each year, with an orchestra honored by the Arizona Department of Education, the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and many other organizations. In 2021, guests will be able to enjoy music, food and even shopping in the beautiful surroundings of the farm for a whole day.

Everyone knows how painful pulling back a guitar, bass or violin can be, so why not let the competent repair and maintenance team in the shop take care of it for you? That's a great achievement for our band programs here in Queen Creek, "Newt said.

Queen Creek is also technologically state-of-the-art and has been placed in every classroom, placing it in the top 10 percent of Arizona's public schools in terms of energy efficiency. The Queen Creek Middle School Band has spent their free time practicing and improving their music, which has earned them their first ever state title of "Best Band in Arizona." Wilson added that the band members spend all their free time with their families, including their parents and other family members, to ensure they are in good health and well-being - not only for themselves but also for their children.

We have never lost sight of the many communities we have served, and our growth has everything to do with the countless relationships we have forged. Overall, the whole has changed over the past 65 years without any loss, but we never lose sight of the fact that we serve many of our communities.

The district believes that children can learn, and we offer physical education to all students of all grades, regardless of age. Physical education is a necessary part of every child's curriculum at every grade level. Sadly, many schools across the country are losing funding and often special classes such as PE and arts are the first to be cut. However, studies have shown that children are more focused, cooperative and efficient when they do more than one hour of physical activity per week, which is supported by the fact that this is the most effective way for children to learn and grow.

Music Arts is one of the leading providers of music education in the state of Arizona. For over 65 years, Music Arts has worked with over 1,000 schools in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas to provide students with a wide range of educational opportunities in music, dance and other arts and sciences.

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More About Queen Creek